Vocal Choirs

We believe the optimal age to start private voice lessons is 12-14 year old, after voices have changed. However, we recognize that children love to sing! It’s important to learn proper technique and vocal health at a young age.  They are never too young to learn proper technique and how to care for their voice. For instance, excessive screaming will at some point damage vocal chords.

For those willing to wait for private lessons, but want to sing and learn, we have established choirs to do just this.

Crescendo Choir (grades k-2)
Created especially for our younger singers! They will be taught

  • proper vocal technique
  • vocal health
  • singing in an ensemble and in parts
  • basic music theory appropriate for the age group to include of learning to read music.
  • Theatre and acting techniques will enhance their performance.
  • Students will be introduced to what it means to be an audience member, theatre etiquette, and expectation of being in a group.
    Instructor – Mandy Frantz
    Thursdays, 5:30pm
    Cost – $720/year*

Forte Choir (grades 3-5)
This is a continuation of the Crescendo Choir, going into more depth on the different points mentioned above the the age group. Students will learn to play their part on the piano & how to vocalize at home, on their own.
Instructor – Mandy Frantz
Tuesdays, 5:30pm
Cost – $720/year*

IncrediBelles (audition ensemble)

This is Allegro’s performance girls ensemble! They will represent Allegro in the community at performance events. If they are in private voice, this is a great place to apply the concepts they are learning. They will continue learning music theory and explore different musical styles. The first semester is used learning the music. Performances normally begin at Christmas and continue through the spring.

Instructors – Randi Puckett and Hannah Butler
Wednesdays, 6:30 -8pm
Cost – $972/year*

Foundation of Music for Voice

Being a literate vocal student is important to the success of each vocalist.  It means the vocalist can learn music on their own, without needing someone to teach it to them. This skill makes individual vocalist more valuable when he/she auditions for choirs or theatre roles.

This class is very important to those vocal students wishing to go into music or music theatre in college.

Class size will remain small to be able to give individual attention. Once the class has reached a maximum number, we will add additional classes.

In this class students will learn:

  • read their vocal part and understand how it relates to the other parts in music
  • basic music theory (note reading, understanding music notation)
  • play their part on the piano
  • vocalize and warm up on their own

Instructor – Randi Puckett
Friday, 3:30-4:30 (every other week)
Cost – $180/semester*

*cost is based on the hours the class runs per week. If students enroll in other group classes offered through Allegro, cost per hour will be decreased according to the group class pricing chart.