Musical Theatre

Theatre | Voice | Dance

Coming the Fall 2017 – Musical Theatre has come Allegro! It is the place where you can learn to perform, communicate, improvise, write and create your own theatre.

The program is designed to develop the total actor, teaching all aspects of Musical Theatre. Students are encouraged to can study all three areas – Theatre, Voice/Choral, and Dance. All classes will be supplemented throughout the year with master classes.

Allegro’s goal is to prepare our students with the best tools possible. We will offer a recreational tract for those who want to just have fun and perform around and about. What are the best practices to be a good theatre participant.

We will offer a college prep tract. College admittance for arts degrees across the country are becoming more and more competitive. Extra training that is focused prepares students for successfully auditioning in the school of their choice.

Students attend a choreography workshop taught by Broadway Kids Auditions.

Theatre – a variety of classes are offered in all aspects of the stage: history of theatre, acting technique, private acting, stage management, and technical training – sets, lights, and sound. Technical students will be given hands on training while working with an Allegro stage member.

Voice/Choral – hone your vocal skills in a private lesson with an Allegro instructor, most who have a background in theatre. Choral Ensembles give students the experience of singing in a group.

Dance for Theatre – this will be limited to and focus on dance for musical theatre. Ballet 1 will be offered the Fall 2017, giving students the foundation for all jazz choreography. Dance for Theatre encompasses more than just dance. It will be used to teach body awareness on the stage – how do you move, what do I do with my hands!

Click on one of the areas above to learn more information and offered classes for the coming fall. These classes are open to students. Adult classes will be offered in the form of workshops offered periodically through the year.

For our students studying theatre, performances will be offered throughout the year in many different forms.