A Unique Summer Camp Experience

NEW: Recording Engineer Camp – June 26 – 30; 9am – noon
COST: $250
Instructor – Sam Yoder & Eric Messick

Ages – 14 and up

This is a hands on camp. Campers will learn the ins and outs of a commercial recording studio with the emphasis on a home studio. Some of the topics covered will be –

  • Microphone selection & placement
  • Signal routing
  • EQ
  • Compression and more

In order to cover the content proposed and to give each student hands on experience, space will be very limited.

NEW: Recording Artist Camp – June 26-30; 1-5pm
Cost: $250
Instructor – Sam Yoder

Ages – 14 and up

This camp will teach the ins and outs on how to prepare to step into the studio. Some of the topics covered with be –

  • How to prepare for a recording session
  • Microphone techniques
  • Overdubs
  • How to conduct yourself in the studio
  • Background vocals and more

Each artist will walk away with 1-2 recorded pieces.

This camp will not instruct campers on their instrument. They are expected to have skills on their specific instrument (piano, voice, guitar, etc.) that are ready to record.

In order to cover the content proposed and to record the campers, space will be very limited.

4th Annual Allegro Broadway Camp – July 10 – 29; 9am – 4pm

Ages – 4-6 (rising 1st grade) 10am – noon; Cost $360
Instructor – Mandy Frantz

Ages 7-18 (rising 2nd grade through high school) 9am – 4pm; Cost $1195
Instructors – Kevin Mettinger, Hannah Butler, Ceci Dohm

One of Allegro’s most popular camps, Allegro Broadway Camp is a theatre boot camp where students immerse in the world of theatre. This is a how-to camp that culminates in a 2-performance show weekend. Campers learn –

  • The art of the audition
  • Vocal health for both the singer and the actor
  • Stage Movement
  • Guest workshop instructors and much more!

Wednesdays, June 7-28 @ 10-11:30am
Cost – $120

This is not a beginning classes. Basic skills are required. Old Style and New Style cartooning will be covered. Charlie Brown and Garfield (old style) through Sailor Moon and Dragon Ballz (new style – Manga & Anime) will be covered.

Beginning Sketch
June 26-30, 1-1:45pm
Cost – $75

Beginning Sketch will cover shapes and how-tos of sketch. This camp is geared for younger aged children, those completing kindergarten to 3 grade.