141029RJ55iPhone Photography 101 instructs you how to capture beautiful photographs by optimizing your iPhone camera’s capabilities with a focus on each photo’s lighting, creative composition, and overall story. After all, what good is a picture if it doesn’t tell a tale?

DSLR Photography 101 instructs you how to operate your DSLR camera while focusing on proper exposure, creative composition, and the overall story in order to take excellent photographs at an amateur or professional level.

Instructors – James Bruen & Leland Shook

James Bruen: A Creative Director and Photographer rooted in the DMV area with a love for local art, food, and business. Being the youngest of seven, James is a “people person” who is passionate about teaching, creating, and learning new perspectives.

I find great importance in teaching because it provides the opportunity to introduce new perspectives to students, so they may better understand and express themselves. My teaching style highlights students’ natural instincts toward the pursuit of knowledge by connecting parallels between the curriculum, the students’ passions, and their everyday lives.

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