Scott Tester – Orchestra

headshotOrchsmile (1 of 1)Scott Tester graduated cum laude with a Bachelors Degree in Music Education from the University of Toledo, in Toledo, Ohio. He taught orchestra for Sandusky City Schools in Ohio for 2 years, and taught in Fauquier County Schools for 36 years as both an orchestra director and choir director. Scott has written and arranged many pieces for Middle School orchestra, has had pieces performed at the VMEA Conference, VMEA District events and has had one piece published. Twice his groups were selected to perform at the VMEA Conference. He was a member of Rappahannock (a folk chamber group) with several works featured on their CDs.

Scott has performed with the Piedmont Regional Orchestra, the McLean Orchestra and was a member of the Culpeper Piedmont Chorale Society. Scott has adjudicated District Orchestra events for School District XII and has served as the guest conductor for Shenandoah Counties All-County Choirs and Orchestras several times. He has been the vocal judge for Culpeper’s Bland Competition for the last 5 years. After retiring, he led the Crossroads Youth Orchestra in Culpeper, tripling the oldest groups’ membership and starting a younger string orchestra group.

“I start the day an empty vessel which my students fill with their joy and music.”