150225RJ64Sam’s music styles vary from Blue Grass to Blues to Classical, Rock and Jazz. He is fluent in, (and teaches) current playing styles as well as obscure techniques from the Appalachian region. He also teaches Claw Hammer, Carter flat pick, Chet Atkins, Travis, as well as other techniques.  Sam has worked for 40 years in many capacities as a musician, performer, keyboardist, arranger, vocalist, band member, producer and instructor. Sam’s guitar students have gained the attention of the local arts community.

Sam’s academic background includes majors in guitar (while also studying piano and voice), as well as culinary arts (a life-long interest) and business administration. He even studied privately with a former student of Segovia, considered by many to be the greatest guitarist ever.

Sam’s says his teaching philosophy is simple – “To make music fun and relevant to daily living, to learn the instrument and consider all options in styles and genres.”

In 2004, Sam co-founded Allegro Community School of the Arts, where he has served as the school’s Executive Director since 2012.

He is the owner/operator of Country House Studios, a commercial recording studio established in 1995. Sam’s interest in archival of music styles has resulted in a number recording studio projects in which both unique artists and styles have been documented, and can be found in the Smithsonian Institute. National Public Radio has used some of the projects as features in fund raisers. He also has 40 audio book titles he has produced, some receiving awards.

Sam’s philosophy of teaching music is remarkably simple: to make music fun and relevant to daily living, to learn the instrument and ALL options in styles and genres are open for his students to learn!

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