Barry Groves

Barry began listening to and absorbing jazz music from a young age while traveling with his parents. While attending Northern Virginia Community College and George Mason University, Barry began his performance journey with jazz and big band music. In 1988, he joined the St. Thom Cats under Easy Smith. While under the direction of Easy Smith, Barry became grounded in the culture of the big band – repertoire, stories, and playing styles. Barry continues to perform with this group, as lead alto saxophonist, and also serves as its assistant director. He is also a member of the Piedmont Symphony Orchestra, as a Bassoonist.

“I have hoarded a half century of musical experience, like a pile of treasure I’m just sitting on. It needs to be given away to anyone who might be able to use it. This is not so easy, because who knows what they can use until they need it? We have to share the situations that can make use of these treasures for the value to be seen.”


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