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This workshop is designed for Musical theatre, Theatre, and Dance Students who are ready and interested in taking their performing and auditioning skills to the next level. 

WHEN: April 14 & 15, 9:30am – 5pm
COST: $300 (non-refundable deposit of $100)
In order to give students personal attention, space is limited. Reserve your space today!

Call the office today to reserve your spot in the workshop.

We are accepting enrollments now (beginning of fall 2017 scholl year.) We can also start accepting payments now toward the workshop.


Kurt Domoney

A two-day, NYC Industry focused workshop, giving students a BROADWAY audition experience. These workshops are highly individualized for each student, giving them the personal attention they need to grow confident and strong in their auditioning and performing abilities.

This workshop will be led by BKA Co-founders/Directors Kurt Domoney (Broadway’s A CHORUS LINE) and Julianne Katz (Nat’l Tour FIDDLER ON THE ROOF and upcoming production of LITTLE DANCER, directed by Susan Stroman).

Julianne Katz


  • To prepare students for a real-life audition situation, so they are able to shine in any audition room
  • To give students a deeper knowledge of musical theatre repertoire and the varied genres
  • To enhance students’ techniques in dance, acting, singing, and interviewing
  • To make industry connections between students, casting directors, and BKA coaches
  • To give detailed follow ups for each student
  • To give parents the knowledge they need to help their child fulfill their goals, from resume building, to finding auditions, to finding the best opportunities for their child.
  • To give older students a boost on their college audition process

Proposed Workshop Schedule


We will cover how to warm up for an audition, dance style, technique, and teach a mock audition combination from a Broadway show such as Matilda, School of Rock or Hamilton

11:30-1:15pm ACTING WORKSHOP
Sides and scenes for a Broadway Audition. We will discuss how to approach a side, how to work with a reader, scene tactics, objectives and choices, etc.


This section will cover all things Musical Theatre audition, from how to walk in the room and speak to the accompanist, to vocal approach to the song, to connecting as an actor to the song. Each participant will get up and sing their song and work with specific exercises on their feet to find improvements and enhance their audition. Students who do not have songs prepared may observe or we will assign stock songs they may choose from.

4-5pm NOTES and INDUSTRY CLASS (Led by Casting Director)
We will discuss the different positions within the industry, such as the difference between a casting director and agent, director, choreographer, etc. We will also focus on the commitment an actor makes when deciding to fulfill a career in the performing arts and what it is like being a working actor living in NYC. Students may ask questions and we will also give out individualized notes and “homework for tomorrow”

While students are in their final hour, we will also hold a parent forum. Subjects covered include agents, managers, union rules, child working papers, and a suggested trajectory for a child who wishes to achieve a career in the arts. Parents may ask questions and guide the discussion wherever they need it.


Warm Up, Across the floor, and new mock dance audition

Students may apply notes from previous day OR use a different song to work on


Cold Reading. Students will be handed a scene for a cold reading. Focus will be on identifying circumstances and how to prepare a side in 3-5 minutes

Students will be auditioning for the casting director, and will get adjustments and written feedback.