Dance for Theatre

Allegro is adding dance for the Fall 2017 in order to enhance our Music Theatre program.

All choreography has its foundation in ballet and ballet technique. To give our musical theatre students a well rounded education and the edge they need to land those dream roles, they need a solid dance foundation. This means learning the language of ballet and having a firm hold on the technique.

Allegro classes are created with musical theatre as the goal. We are not training classical ballerinas. Classes and genres will be added as the need arises and requests are made.

Foundations of Dance

This course is intended for students with little to no dance/ballet training. The class will use studio work and discussion to introduce ballet, its history, and its aesthetics.

The class is appropriate and highly recommended for all theatre students.

The discussion and teaching component will help the student

  • recognize and articulate key terminology
  • assist students with general auditions
  • interviews
  • audition expectations
  • understand being part of a troupe, both on and off stage.

The studio work will include –

  • barre exercises
  • center and traveling sequences, performed in small groups and individually
  • help students develop creativity in expressing themselves
  • body awareness

What do you need for class?

  • Girls – black leotard, pink tights, pink ballet shoes (canvas or leather)**, shorts or a skirt is allowed. Hair should be pulled back from the fair. No jewelry
  • Boys – black shorts, white shirt, black ballet shoes**
  • A notebook and pen/pencil

Instructor – Cecilia Dohm
Saturdays, 9-10am
Cost – $720/year*

Introduction to Musical Theatre Dance

This course is a presentation of literature from the musical theatre including operetta, revues, and musical comedy with emphasis on vocal and movement skills required for specific pieces. The student will prepare and rehearse a musical theatre piece; present a musical theatre production as part of the cast/chorus and memorize a musical theatre role; and prepare vocal and/or dance performances. 

What is needed for class?

  • previous ballet training is required
  • clothing that you are able to move in (workout clothes work fine)
  • hair pulled back from face
  • no jewelry (any items that inhibit your ability to move freely are not allowed and student will not be able to participate in class due to safety of self and others.)
  • bare feet or socks
  • a notebook and pen/pencil

Instructor – Cecilia Dohm
Fridays, 6-7pm
Cost – $720/year*

Adult Ballet

This is created for all those adult students with some ballet training, but it’s been years since the last class. Students will relearn basic ballet principals in a fun, laid back and supportive environment. The studio work, including barre exercise, center and traveling sequences, will be performing in small groups as well as individually in order to help the student develop creativity in expressing themselves.

Attire – Appropriate active wear and ballet shoes**

Instructor – Cecilia Dohm
Saturdays, 10-11am
Cost – $720/year*

**Please do not purchase shoes from Payless or Walmart. They can be ordered from or from a local dance store.

*cost is based on the hours the class runs per week. If students enroll in other group classes offered through Allegro, cost per hour will be decreased according to the group class pricing chart.