Charlie Brown – The Fabric Of Our Life

Kevin Mettinger (director), Randi Puckett (music director), and Ceci Dohm (choreographer) have teamed up to lead the Allegro Community Players as it makes its debut with You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown.

Here is a note from Kevin, the director, on Charlie Brown.

The more we rehearse “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown”, the more we realize that we are living in Charlie Brown’s world more than he lives in ours. A day rarely goes by that I do not come across some reference to the Peanuts in my travels. These little “coincidences” are really a sign of how much Schultz’s characters have become a part of our culture. How many of us have some form of “security blanket” to help us to feel safe? How many of us have exclaimed “Good grief!” at the antics of a friend or family member (or public figure)? And how many of us have offered amateur (psychiatric?) advice to our friends for the equivalent of a nickel or perhaps even for free?

At an early rehearsal – (left to right) Adriana Bustamante, Snoopy; Arielle Ward, Sally; James Masten, Linus; Chris Agey, Schroeder; Rachel Davis, Lucy; Jeremy Alexander, Charlie Brown

Megan McCoy (stage manager) and Kevin Mettinger (director)

Each of the characters represents character traits we identify within ourselves. Snoopy stands for our selfish side: the part that expects someone else to step in and take care of us. Yet Snoopy also represents our dreams and our imagination, which know no limits. Sally’s wide-eyed innocent and tenacity remind us of the times in our lives when change has rejuvenated us. Schroeder reflects the passion we express for our interests, hobbies, and vocations. Linus demonstrates the sometimes slow yet steady path towards confidence and independence. Lucy ultimately promotes self-awareness and self-analysis once she reaches beyond her own ego-centric existence. And the title character, Charlie Brown, affirms our self-worth, even as we struggle day-to-day to believe in ourselves. He has “humility, nobility, and a sense of honor that is very rare indeed.”

As the harmonies are mastered, the lines are memorized, and the dance steps are perfected, we continue working on bringing the show to you as a Valentine of sorts to the indefatigable human spirit. If we succeed in conveying that message, your mailbox will never be empty.

We invite you to be part of our debut party with the cast of You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown. June 2, 7:30pm; June 3, 2pm & 7:30pm; June 4, 3pm. Warrenton Middle School.

Follow this link to learn more about Charlie Brown or to purchase tickets. 

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