Student Spotlight – Greta Glenn

Greta Glenn, performing.

Allegro: How long have you been taking lessons?
Greta: I have been studying guitar for 5 years and voice for 3. Before that I took violin for 5 years.

Allegro: How long have you taken lessons Allegro? 
Greta: 10 years

Allegro: What are you studying?
Greta: Guitar and voice

Allegro: Who is your instructor? 
Greta: Sam Yoder and Hannah Butler

Allegro: What is your favorite thing about lessons? 
Greta: I love how the teachers encourage me to make the music my own and challenge me to do harder things. And they make me laugh a lot. My lessons are a lot of fun.

Allegro: What made you want to begin studying? 
Greta: At first, it was my brother, who plays guitar, who inspired me. But after I started, it was the teaching and the encouragement of the Allegro teachers that really made me love guitar and voice.

Allegro: What is your favorite song? 
Greta: Soleares

Allegro: What is your favorite instrument? 
Greta: Guitar

Allegro: Where do you attend school? What grade are you in? 
Greta: I’m homeschooled and in 8th grade

Allegro: Who has been a major influence in your studies and why? 

Greta and her guitar instructor, Sam Yoder

Greta: My guitar teacher, Mr. Yoder, because he encourages me and makes me smile, and also my parents who have always been there for me.

Allegro: Have you performed outside of Allegro events? If so, where and share your experience. 
Greta: I have performed at a nursing home several times. I have really enjoyed performing there. I love to see the smiles on the residents’ faces.

Allegro: What do you do for fun? What are you hobbies/interests? 
Greta: I love making things and writing.

Allegro: Do you have plans for college? What are your plans for a major? 
Greta: Both of my brothers are going to Christopher Newport University and I hope to go there as well one day. I’d like to major in criminology and one day work for the FBI or the CIA.

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